Geographical Information System

We build GIS based geospatial web applications.

We build amazing geospatial web applications

ITfy Technologies designs and develops high-quality geospatial web applications.


We build geospatial web applications using Openlayers.

OpenLayers is an open source JavaScript library for displaying map data in web browsers. It provides an API for building rich web-based geographic applications similar to Google Maps.

Openlayeris not tied to any particular map provider or technology. Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, WMS, ArcGIS Server, MapServer, etc. are all supported out of the box.

OpenLayers supports GeoRSS, KML (Keyhole Markup Language), Geography Markup Language (GML), GeoJSON and map data from any source using OGC-standards as Web Map Service (WMS) or Web Feature Service (WFS).

We help our clients in developing geospatial web applications which is now days growing rapidly in the market.

GeoServer and PostGIS

We publish layers using geoserver and postGIS is database extension of postgreSQL.

Geoserver is an open source Geospatial web services engine. Geoserver takes requests from web clients, like browsers, and responds with geospatial information from GIS files, or databases, or rasters.

PostGIS is a spatial database extension for the popular PostgreSQL object-relational database. PostGIS “spatially enables” the PostgreSQL server, allowing it to be used as a back-end spatial database for geographic information systems (GIS) and web-mapping applications.

Advanced GIS analysis can be carried out, using spatial joins, buffers, intersections, polygon building, line building, linear referencing, affine transforms and more!

From strategy to design and development, we are here through every step of the process.

We are experts in mobile application development for the iOS, Google Android and Windows Mobile platforms.